What is S.W.A.T.?

Students Working to Advance Technology or S.W.A.T. for short is a technology based class offered here at Wilmington High, this class is offered to any student grades 9-12 interested in technology. This class is designed to be accommodating to any students individual interest in technology. This class has a prerequisite of College Computer Programming also provided here at Wilmington High school.

History of S.W.A.T.

How do S.W.A.T. members benefit?

Students who participate in S.W.A.T. have the benefit of expanding their knowledge on technology in fields they already know or new ones. Every S.W.A.T. class that a student participates in can give them up to one high school credit per year.  Every S.W.A.T. member can learn in their own way with teacher guidance.

In  S.W.A.T. we offer many things including but not limited to,

  • Video editing and producing
  • Photography
  • Live-streaming major events
  • Computer and Chromebook repairs
  • Managing our Minecraft server 
  • Maintaining our Wilmington web page 

Major S.W.A.T. Projects

  • Design, Develop, and Deliver a complete Music Voting System for Hallway Music.
  • Assist with Chromebook Collection (End of year)
  • Assist with Chromebook Distribution (Start of year)
  • Create a S.W.A.T Introductory Video (under 3 Minutes)