Program of Study

Selecting a program of study is one of the most important decisions a high school student must make. The broad curriculum and specific elective courses a student selects determine, to a large extent, the avenues of opportunity available during the immediate post-high school years.

This Program of Study has been prepared by a group of teachers, the counselor, and administration. Its purpose is to provide a comprehensive presentation of the programs of study available to Wilmington Area students at the high school level. An overall understanding of the curricula enables the students, together with the parents, school counselor, and teachers to set goals and objectives which can be met through the thoughtful selection of courses.

The Wilmington Area High School Counseling Department focuses on the academic, career, and personal/social developmental needs of our students. Every student is valuable and their differences are important and embraced. Each student has unique needs and goals, thus programs and activities are varied. Parental involvement is always encouraged and appreciated!

2024-25 Grades 9-12 Program of Study

2024-25 Grades 5-8 Program of Study