Logos, Colors & Media

Want to use our logo and colors? We understand! We are pretty awesome. The District welcomes the use of our logos, colors, name, and likeness for positive reinforcement of the amazing things our students, athletes, and teachers do every day.

To ensure consistency of the brand and appearance of the Wilmington Area School District, the specific colors below are to be used for any and all District related material, including, but not limited to, jerseys, uniforms, school pride clothing, memorabilia, posters, banners, publications of any kind.

Additionally, the logos and images, provided below, are property of the Wilmington Area School District. The District reserves the right to deny usage of our name, logos, trademarks, and likeness to any individual or business for any reason at any time deemed appropriate by the Board of Education.



HEX | #000080
RGB | 0, 0, 128
HSV | 240, 100, 50
CMYK | 100, 100, 0, 50


HEX | #f2cc0d
RGB | 242, 204, 13
HSV | 50, 95, 95
CMYK | 0, 16, 95, 5