Live Streaming

Hounds Media Productions

The Wilmington Area School District is proud to offer students, parents, guardians, and community members the ability to watch events from the comfort & safety of their homes – or anywhere with internet access!

Commonly live streamed events include commencement, awards ceremonies, and many athletic events.

Q: Where can I watch live streamed events?
A: A majority of our events are streamed to our YouTube channel “Hounds Media”. We prefer YouTube because of its reliability and ease of watching. YouTube is compatible with almost any “smart” device including televisions. Best of all, no account or payment required. On rare occasions, when another event is already streaming to youtube, the District may use Facebook Live as a backup.

Q: Do you monetize your live streams?
A: No. Unlike other HS streams you may watch, you will never be required to pay a subscription or membership fee to watch our events. Our events are free of cost and typically free of advertisements (except those on YouTube already) Many other schools partnered with a third party to host their video and streams (Example: NFHS). Wilmington strongly opposed any such partnership. It requires viewers to pay a subscription fee (NFHS charges $11/month). It is unfortunate that not all our spectators can attend our games in person. It would be unethical to also force them to pay a high fee to watch from home.

Q: How do you decide what events to live stream?
A: The District considers the following when determining if a live stream is possible and warranted:

Academic or Athletic? If scheduling conflict exists, academic events take precedence.

Spectator Restrictions – If the the number of spectators of the event is expected to be within the mandated capacity limit, the stream will have a lower priority. Larger events where spectators are restricted from attending in-person are a priority for the live stream team.

Location – The District rarely live streams “away” events due to the uncertainty of internet access at the remote location. Thankfully, many other districts provide streaming when hosting events.

Available Manpower – Live streams require a lot more than just a camera. Able and willing people are vital to setting up and running a live stream. This is especially true for larger events with multiple cameras, microphones, and live video editing.

Event Significance – Some events are special – such as “senior night” or a “big game against a rival”. We try to prioritize these events.

Equity – We strive to stream as many athletic events as we can; However, we must be fair to all our athletic teams. We strive to live stream all our sports in an equitable manner proportional to the size of expected spectators.

Media Rights – Athletic events are bound by rules of the PIAA. Unfortunately, the PIAA requires Districts to pay hefty “media rights fees” for the privilege of live streaming any play-off or championship game. For example, the PIAA (a non-profit organization) charges approximately $750 per preliminary or first-round play-off game. The cost increases the farther into the season the team progresses, increasing up to $1,500 to stream the final championship game.

Upcoming Live Streams

Our list of upcoming streams changes frequently. To see upcoming events, its best to visit our Hounds Media YouTube channel, clicking on Videos, and select “Upcoming Live Streams”. (

Additionally, we recommend you follow our Wilmington Athletics Facebook page!

Can I watch on my big screen TV?
Absolutely! There are many ways to show YouTube on your television. Most modern televisions are “smart TVs” – which means they can have apps installed including YouTube. You can also use secondary devices attached to your TV such as an Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, etc.

When you’re ready to find our live streams and past videos, use the YouTube app to search for our channel “Hounds Media”

Post Event VIdeo Availability

Our videos are streamed and recorded to our YouTube Channel “Hounds Media”. It is important to know that many athletic games will not be available to the public after the live event. This is a request of Coaching staff.

Streaming Standards

  • Professional HD Video Cameras
  • Multiple live cameras during major events.
  • Instant Replay abilities.
  • Full HD 1080 Streaming
  • Free of membership or subscription fees