Is foreign language a requirement for college?

Most colleges and universities look for two or more years of a modern foreign language.

Should I/my child continue to Spanish/French 2?

It is strongly recommended to take at least two to three years of a foreign language. If you have completed Spanish 1 or French 1 with a C average or above, then you should be ready to move on to Spanish 2 or French 2. If you have a D average or below and/or do not feel ready for level 2, you may need to re-take level 1 before moving on.

Can I/my child take Spanish/French 2 or 3 after taking a year off?

It is strongly recommended that you take your language courses consecutively, and many colleges will look for consecutive years of a foreign language. However, it is possible to enroll in Spanish/French 2 or Spanish/French 3 after taking a year off and would be better than not taking a second or third year at all.