ESL Placement Procedures & Forms

Wilmington Area School District uses the recommended placement procedures and forms from the Pennsylvania Department of Education for placement of ELs in the Wilmington Area School District.

Home Language Survey

This document is included in the registration packet for all students.

WIDA Resources

Wilmington Area School District utilizes the WIDA Screener and ACCESS test for identification and measuring student English Language proficiency required by the state of Pennsylvania.

EL Accommodations

When a student qualifies for the ESL program, he/she has the legal right to curriculum accommodations.

Content teachers are responsible for deliberately planning for and incorporating language instruction as well as supports, modification, and accommodations needed to allow ELs to access the standards to which the course is aligned. (22 Pa. Code § 4.26)

Parent Notification of ESL Program Placement

Parents/guardians will be notified of ESL Program Placement within 30 days of the start of the school year or 14 days after registration.

Parental Right to Refuse Services

Parents of ELs have the right to refuse certain separate, specialized programs and services that may be part of the LIEP for their children. A parent’s decision to refuse programs or services must be informed and voluntary.

A detailed description of the parent refusal policy including all LEA obligations for students whose parents have refused services is contained in the “Parent Refusal of LIEP Programs and Services” guidance document.

Grade Level Notification / Can Do Descriptors

All grade level teachers of ELs will be notified of present level of the ELs in their classroom and will adapt the instruction based on the Can Do Descriptors. For more information about the Can Do Descriptors, click here.