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Section 1327.1 of the Pennsylvania School Code provides for a home education program designed to permit a parent, guardian or legal custodian (“supervisor”) who has a high school diploma or its equivalent to conducting a home education program for his or her child or children. Prior to the commencement of a home education program and annually thereafter between July 1 and August 1, the supervisor must submit a notarized affidavit to the Superintendent of the school district in accordance with Section 1327.1(b).(1) and 1327(d).
In addition to the notarized affidavit, the parent guardian, or legal custodian must attach:
1. An outline of the proposed education objective by subject area,
2. Evidence (records or a letter from the physician) that the child or children have been immunized as required by the School Code Sec. 1303(a) unless a physician certifies the child has a medical contraindication to immunization and
3. Evidence (records or a letter from the physician) that the child or children have received medical services required for students of the child’s age or grade level in Article XIV, or
religious exemption for these two requirements.

School Districts must allow students who are in a home education program in their school district to participate in activities under 24 P.S. §5-511 such as, but not limited to, clubs, musical ensembles, athletics, and theatrical productions. School districts may allow home-educated students to participate in curricular courses and count that instructional time towards subsidy.


The Pennsylvania School Code, 24 P.S. §13-1327.1(e)(1) states that the portfolio for home education students in grades 3, 5, and 8 must include the results of the statewide tests for reading/language arts and mathematics or nationally normed standardized achievement tests. If the supervisor of the home education program requests that the student(s) take the statewide tests administered in these grades, the school district must allow the student to take the test at the school building the home education student normally would attend or other accommodations agreed to by the school district and the parent. The Department has approved the following nationally normed standardized tests for use by home education programs if they choose not to take the statewide tests:
1. California Achievement Test
2. Comprehensive Testing Program (CTPIV)
3. Iowa Test of Basic Skills
4. Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)
5. Metropolitan Achievement Test
6. Peabody Achievement Individual Test – Revised Version
7. Stanford Achievement Test
8. Terra Nova
9. Woodcock-Johnson Revised Tests of Achievement III
10. Woodcock-Johnson IV
11. Wechsler Individual Achievement Test III (WIAT-III)

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