Wilmington Students & Families:

The Wilmington Area School District will continue its summer-use program that was started last summer in response to COVID-19.   Therefore, the district is not collecting the vast majority of student chromebooks for summer storage.  Only a few grade levels will be turning their device in - more information below!  Expectations of chromebook usage and care is detailed in the annual 1:1 Handbook.  Its policies are hereby extended into the summer. 

Some grade levels are NOT keeping their device over summer.  Instead, their devices will be collected before the end of the school year. 

Grades NOT taking their devices home:   Grades K,  1,  and 3. 
(and graduating Seniors, of course!)  

We understand that every home and family is unique.  We also understand that some parents/guardians may have concerns about their child’s continued usage of their chromebook over summer.  Below are some common questions and answers that we encourage everyone to review. 

Q:  Is it okay for my child to use his/her chromebook over summer break? 
A:  From our perspective, yes; however, this is ultimately up to you.   The only exception would be if your child is taking any summer classes. In which case, their chromebook may be necessary depending on the course/teacher. 

Q:  I prefer my child to not use the device over summer break.  Is there anything I should do? 
A:  If you do not want your child to use the device, we simply ask that follow these steps to store the device properly for a long period of time:  1) Charge the device to 100%, 2) Shutdown the device, and 3) Place both items (chromebook and charger) together in a safe place.  

Q:  Will my child’s device continue to be filtered for inappropriate content?  
A:  Yes, absolutely.  School issued chromebooks are subject to our web filtering rules regardless of where they are or what internet connection they are using.   

Q:  Is there a way for parents/guardians to see a summary of their child’s web activity?  
A:  Yes!   Parents/Guardians may sign up for weekly summaries of their child’s web activity on school issued chromebooks.  You can learn more and sign up here:

Q:  If we travel this summer for vacation, can the chromebook come with us?
A:  Sure!  We simply ask that you take great care not to damage or lose it.    If flying, remember that chromebooks are “laptops with lithium-ion batteries” by TSA definition. 

Q:  What about damages or other technical issues with the device?
A:   Should a chromebook need the attention of technology staff, please email details of the issue to: .    We will address each unique issue on a case-by-case basis and can arrange for device repairs if warranted.   

Should you have further questions regarding the expectations of student chromebook usage, please refer to the 1:1 Handbook available here:   or contact Mr. Maine (

Have a great summer!