Relay Parent Portal on Mobile

Please be advised that the following system is pending replacement and new sign-ups will not be granted at this time.

Attention Parents/Guardians:

The District is pleased to announce the launch of a new tool for you to gain knowledge and insight regarding your student’s online activities.  Family involvement in a student’s education is now more crucial than ever and effective school-home communication can dramatically improve educational outcomes.  

Introducing Relay Parent Portal!

As you know, the District is required by law to provide web-filtering on district-owned student devices.  The information logged by our web-filter has always been confidential and used only by administrative staff should circumstances warrant it ...until now.   Starting today, Parents/Guardians may access this information of their student(s) activity via the new Relay Parent Portal.  With this tool, the web activity of students on their school issued chromebooks will be made available and accessible at any time on any modern browser.  Parents/Guardians will be able to see what websites their child has visited, how long they visited it, and even pause web access altogether for a set interval.  This gives them a way to establish healthy screen time limits while at home and outside school hours.   Intervals are 1 hour, 3, hours, or until the next morning.  

Previously, a similar service has been provided to parents/guardians that emailed a weekly summary of their child’s activity.  This service will continue in conjunction with the new Relay Parent Portal which provides more in-depth information at any time.   

Usage of the Relay Parent Portal is voluntary and requires a simple form to be completed.  

The link to the form is below.   Once submitted, the parent email address provided will receive an email on the next Sunday wherein a weekly summary will be provided and a link to create an account for the Relay Parent Portal.   Parents/Guardians who want access to the Portal must follow that link and create an account.  Otherwise, they will continue to receive the weekly summaries only.    Anyone who has already signed up for the weekly report will see the new Parent Portal invitation link in the following emailed summaries. 

We hope this new service provides Parents/Guardians with insight should they need it.   Any questions regarding this new tool can be directed to Matt Maine (  

Link to Sign Up Form: