School Communication

As schools around the world continue to navigate virtual learning and the new challenges it brings; it is important that schools build a strong partnership with parents.  At the heart of this goal is a foundation of good communication pathways between teachers and parents.  

To help parents understand the school’s communication strategy and to encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s education, the school district strongly encourages parents/guardians follow these suggestions:

  • Take advantage of our Student Information System “Alma”
    Our SIS is the core of all assignments and grading.   It is crucial that parents check on their student’s progress regularly to ensure their student is performing to their best ability.  More about Alma is below.

  • Be Alert For Communications From Teachers
    When Teachers see an issue or potential problem with a student’s performance, they are encouraged to reach out to Parents/Guardians directly via email or telephone.  Please check your email and voicemail regularly and respond in a timely manner.   

  • Engage in Open Communication with Your Child
    A healthy and successful education requires parents/guardians to have a firm grasp of their student’s educational needs and requirements.  Having an open and regular conversation between parents and students is crucial.   Consider viewing the 5-part series created by our very own, Dr. O’Donovan, regarding student motivation and engagement.

  • Consider Signing Up for Available Student Activity Reports
    There are two major reports that parents should consider opting into.  1) Google Guardians and 2) Weekly Student Web Activity Report.    Information about both are available here:

More About Alma

Alma is our Student Information System.  It is a core component of a modern education.   All assignments and grades are recorded and tracked in Alma for parents/guardians to access.  It allows parents/guardians to take an active and informed role in their student’s education - something that is crucial to their development and success.   Alma is accessible from any modern internet browser on any device - including  smart phones.

Accessing Alma starts at:   (Or via links throughout our website)

If you have never signed in before or if you are having difficulty remembering your username/password, click the “Need Help” link and follow the instructions.