Our School Helping Our People  "Our SHOP"

Our School Helping Our People, “Our SHOP”, is making a difference at Wilmington Area High School.  

After years of having a vision of a mission such as this, project director Emily Mortimer is pleased with current operations, but recognizes that the project will continue to evolve and improve.  

The ultimate goal was to have a resource within the school where students who face difficult times could have access to items such as school supplies, clothing, socks, hygiene products. 

"We have students who have needs; we also have a community that is extremely supportive" Said Emily Mortimer.  Since the project has started, Wilmington Area High School has partnered with the New Wilmington Presbyterian Church as well as Westminster College; volunteers from both institutions come in to help sort the incoming donations. Besides these volunteers, teachers have also worked to turn storage space into a suitable shop. The transformation of the space and the quantity of donations have been nothing short of amazing.  We are fortunate to have a village who cares about its young people.

"Kudos to everyone who has donated their time, money, or items to such a worthy project, especially Mrs. Mortimer, who has gone above and beyond for the children in our community.  She continues to volunteer countless hours to provide this amazing opportunity for our children." Says Mr. Michael Wright, High School Principal

Currently, students from WASD in grades 5-12 can anonymously request help via the student dashboard.  There are also open hours during the day that Our SHOP is staffed with volunteers.

Go Hounds!